About sustainable fishing May 31 2013

Q. Your product description says that fish comes from sustainable fishing practices. What does it mean? 


A. All fish used for the Omega3HealthEliteTM is caught in the Alaskan waters of the USA in the environmentally sustainable process. It means that the fisheries are managed through a holistic approach that assesses and minimizes impact on the entire Bering sea ecosystem. To ensure this sustainable approach, the fisheries are adhering to the following principles -

1. Sustainable fish stocks
The fishing activity must be at a level, which is sustainable for the fish population. The fishery must operate so that fishing can continue indefinitely and the resources are not overexploited.

2. Minimizing environmental impact
Fishing operations should be managed to maintain the structure, productivity, function and diversity of the ecosystem on which the fishery depends.

3. Effective management
The fishery must meet all local, national and international laws and must have a management system in place to respond to changing circumstances and maintain sustainability.