Enteric Coating July 09 2012

Q: Is Omega3HealthEliteTM enteric coated?

A: An enteric coating is a special coating applied to a tablet or capsule of oral medication or dietary supplement; it controls the location in the digestive system where the tablet or capsule disintegrates and the medication is absorbed. Enteric means "within the intestine", therefore enteric coating prevents disintegration and absorption before the supplement reaches the intestine. 

Fish oil that is highly oxidized, in other words - not fresh, results in the unpleasant side effect known as "fish burps". To eliminate this side effect by preventing fish oil digestion in the stomach, some manufacturers apply enteric coating on the fish oil supplement capsules.

We decided to not use the enteric coating on the Omega3HealthEliteTM for the following reasons - 

Most of the studies we are aware of conclude that fish oil is best absorbed in the stomach rather than in the intestine. Therefore to improve the fish oil absorption and effectiveness of the supplement, it is better to not use the enteric coating on the fish oil supplements.

Omega3HealthEliteTM fish oil has very low oxidation levels; the product freshness levels exceed the highest national and international quality standards. We had no reports of fishy odor or "fish burps" from using Omega3HealthEliteTM, and there is no need to prevent disintegration of the softgel capsule and digestion of the Omega-3 fish oil in the stomach.