Omega-3 Acids in the Omega3HealthElite July 09 2012

In nature, there are 11 different polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids present in different quantities in different food groups. To date, most of the medical research has focused on the two stars of the Omega-3 family that have demonstrated health benefits: EPA and DHA acids. A rising body of evidence also suggests that DPA and ALA my be very beneficial. Omega3HealthEliteTM contains 8 Omega-3 acids. The complete list is shown below; the Omega-3 acids present in Omega3HealthEliteTM are highlighted -

Hexadecatrienoic acid (HTA)             16:3 (n−3)            all-cis-7,10,13-hexadecatrienoic acid

α-Linolenic acid (ALA)                      18:3 (n−3)            all-cis-9,12,15-octadecatrienoic acid

Stearidonic acid (SDA)                     18:4 (n−3)            all-cis-6,9,12,15-octadecatetraenoic acid

Eicosatrienoic acid (ETE)                 20:3 (n−3)            all-cis-11,14,17-eicosatrienoic acid

Eicosatetraenoic acid (ETA)              20:4 (n−3)            all-cis-8,11,14,17-eicosatetraenoic acid

Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)            20:5 (n−3)            all-cis-5,8,11,14,17-eicosapentaenoic acid

Heneicosapentaenoic acid (HPA)       21:5 (n−3)            all-cis-6,9,12,15,18-heneicosapentaenoic acid

Docosapentaenoic acid (DPA)           22:5 (n−3)            all-cis-7,10,13,16,19-docosapentaenoic acid (aka clupanodonic acid)

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)            22:6 (n−3)            all-cis-4,7,10,13,16,19-docosahexaenoic acid

Tetracosapentaenoic acid                  24:5 (n−3)            all-cis-9,12,15,18,21-tetracosapentaenoic acid

Tetracosahexaenoic acid                   24:6 (n−3)            all-cis-6,9,12,15,18,21-tetracosahexaenoic aci (aka Nisinic acid)